Dryseal Spray

About us: we offer wood treatment and home maintenance sprays and we highly decorative solutions for both indoor and outdoor wood products with high-quality finishes which are easier and cleaner to apply, resulting in an important saving in both time and money.

Our commitment

We offer you a high-quality decorative product for wood finishes both indoor and outdoor around your home. Our products are all easy to apply, offer outstanding and long-lasting finishes and will help you to save time and money when doing DIY.


We work hard to offer you the widest possible water-based range of products without ever compromising on resistance or durability. These include our collection of decorative protective products, open-pore paints for wood, oils, paint strippers and other maintenance supplies. All of our products are strictly water-based and have low levels of VOCs, thereby helping not only the environment, but also to keep our valued customers safe and healthy.


Our goal is to offer innovative solutions for the home. As a result, all our decorative spray protectors (which are completely new to the wood treatment market) offer the quality you are used to from our other products, but with the added ease of application that only a spray can provide. We work hard to be at the forefront and always offer our valued customers something new.

About us: Dryseal Spray