Exclusive wood varnish: 7 colours in wooden tones (light oak, dark oak, pine, teak, chestnut, sapele and wenge), as well as two colourless finishes (matte and glossy) plus a new colourless, silky finish. Solvent-based, high-quality finish product.



Available colours



Can be applied to old or new wood surfaces, as well as painted or decorated wood. For wood outdoors: sheds, wood finishes, louvre doors, frames, windows, gates, fences, garden furniture, etc. Thanks to its excellence as an outdoor product and wide range of different wood shades, this product is also ideal for use indoors to give your furniture an elegant finish which really makes the beauty of the wood stand out.


Shake well before use. The surface to which the product will be applied must be clean and dry.

When working with new wood, we recommend sanding the surface lightly and removing the dust carefully. Apply a first coat directly to the surface. Once the initial coat has dried completely, apply a second coat.

In untreated wood, we recommend sanding the surface thoroughly so as to remove any imperfections until you achieve a smooth, clean finish. You can then apply the product in the same way as to new wood.

When working with painted or varnished wood in good condition and wanting to apply a coat of varnish, ensure you sand down the surface lightly and remove the dust to achieve a completely clean finish. You can then apply the product in the same way as to new wood.

If the painted or varnished wood is not in good condition, strip all the finish off the surface you want to treat using the powerful DRYSEAL DS322 stripper for wood. Once you have removed any remaining paint or varnish, clean the surface and remove all dust before starting to apply any further paint or varnish. You can then apply the product in the same way as to new wood.

Dryseal advice

Never apply the product in enclosed spaces with no ventilation, and always ensure you are wearing a face-mask. The product should be applied in well-ventilated areas, but ensure there are no strong draughts during application. Apply the product at a temperature between 10 ºC – 20 ºC, avoiding exposure to direct sunlight. We recommend applying two thin coats than one thick one. A coat is considered as one vertical and one horizontal application to the surface to be painted. In order to apply the second coat correctly, wait until the first coat is completely dry (after around four hours), lightly sand and clean the entire surface.

The exact shade of the final product will depend on the type of wood.