Paint stripper for wood: Latest generation non-toxic, non-corrosive paint stripper effective in removing any type of paint or varnish finishes.




Highly-effective paint stripper for wood for all kinds of paint and varnish (alkyd, acrylic, vinyl, polyurethane, etc.) which have been applied to wood needing treatment. As well as removing the paint or varnish effectively, the product also protects the wood as it does not affect it chemically.


Shake well before use the paint stripper for wood. The surface to which the product will be applied must be clean and dry.

Apply a generous coat of DRYSEAL to the surface you wish to strip and ensure that the whole top is covered. Leave the paint and varnish stripper to work for a couple of minutes (the time required will depend on the quantity applied and the thickness of the paint/varnish). Remove the stripper with a spatula which will pull off the paint or varnish.

If any paint remains after applying the stripper, repeat the same operation ensuring that you once again cover the whole surface to be treated with enough product.

Dryseal Advice

Ensure you shake the can well before applying the stripper. Avoid strong draughts when applying the product and do not apply to surfaces at temperatures higher than 35 ºC.

Ensure to apply a generous coat of product. The product will continue to act on the paint as long as it is in contact, so you will use all of the stripper that you apply to the surface.

Once the paint has been completely stripped from the wood, make sure you remove all traces of it using a wet cloth or fine sandpaper to achieve a smooth, clean surface before attempting to repaint or re-varnish it.